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1,Choose the product you want,Place the order,we don't need your account information,but make sure the character name is correct!

2,After you place the order please be sure to contact us by live chat!!

3,Most orders for Blade and Soul will be delivered within 5 Mins,if you dont get it on time,be sure to contact us by the live chat!

4,Donot return the gold to anyone include us in game when you recieve it,We will never ask buyers to return the goods.

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Robert Childers
Order: HOA*****3613 Product: Path of exile ORB Good Site But Prices Are Quite A Bit Higher Than Alot of Other Sites.
Jonathan Salamon
Order: HOA*****3733 Product: Path of exile ORB Excellent, very quick to contact and trade!
Rob West
Order: HOA*****0218 Product: Path of exile ORB Fast and good.
Jonathan Salamon
Order: HOA*****5925 Product: Path of exile ORB Excellent as always!