Wildstar Online Leveling Up Guide

The number one question is always "how to level up fast in wildstar online?". There are many wildstar online Honestly, there is an easy way to level up quickly in wildstar online. You must focus on leveling up and nothing else. You can't try to rush through the quests and move on to the next area or try to spend wildstar gold to for better weapons too quickly.

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Complete All Quest

When you're doing quests, make sure you complete all the quests in your area. Don't move on until you have completed all of them. Also, don't worry about which reward is best. You will have better items once you have reached a high enough level anyway.


Also, if you can complete more than one quest at the same time. Then I recommend doing so. Complete 2 or 3 quests at the same time, saves you time from doing the quests one by one. Time saved means you will be able to complete more quests in a shorter amount of time than one by one.


When To Clear The Dungeon

You want to clear the dungeon after you have completed all the quests in your area. This allows you to clear it fairly easy. This way you're not under leveled for the things in the dungeon. Also, if you can do it with a group that would be best but I will touch on this later in the article.


PvP Matches

When to do PvP matches and how many to do before moving onto the next area. You want to do a minimum of 3 pvp matches before moving onto the next area after you have completed all the quests in the area and the dungeon. This will allow you to be prepared for the next area and level up quickly in wildstar online. Just like the dungeon, your best option is doing pvp matches with a group. I will touch on this right now.


Level Up With A Group

If you have friends that wildstar online or know some hardcore gamers that are getting into wildstar online than leveling up as a group is your best option. Just don't team up with someone that needs to take a lot of breaks such as going to the bathroom, smoking, or whatever. Also, don't team up with some kid that needs to be in bed by 8pm or that one guy that needs to be in bed by 10pm or he will wake up late for work.


Leveling up with a group that will play wildstar online as much as you do and as hard as you do will make things go a lot smoother. Make sure your group all know what you're doing in order. All the quests in the area, then the dungeon, and then 3 pvp matches before moving onto the next area of wildstar online.


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